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Lost Memories of Youth | Matt Scroggie

Showing October 30 - November 13, 2023

“I articulate my personal experiences of life through painting. I took up skateboarding at the age of 10, and by the age of 14 I was using it as an escape from life spending the nights in the streets. I base my paintings on my memories of these times, which over time have faded and become distorted. I aim to capture the raw emotion of an event by only showing a small fragment of the overall experience, a general characteristic unique to the immorality of urban life. It could be a blurry street passing me by, a dark alley, or a moment of time frozen by memory.

I developed my painting technique when I was in art school as my instructors discouraged any depictions of urban life. To express myself and keep to my theme, I learned to push these ideas more and more into abstraction to hide them. I became increasingly fascinated with the idea of memories, and how they become obstructed over time. This caused me to stop using reference materials for my work and helped me to capture an emotion instead of a representation of an object.

The image emerges from a juxtaposition of glazed layers. The illusion of a passing moment that is conveyed by the paintings adds a dissociating effect to the spontaneity of the 7memories on which they are based. My paintings are somewhere between a reality that was directly experienced and one that is unconsciously constructed, inviting the viewer to draw their own connections.”

About the Artist

Matt Scroggie was Born in Southern Ontario but has had the opportunity to live and travel around the world. Immersing in new cultures has changed his perception of life, which is reflected in the artwork.

Matt completed an Undergraduate Degree in Studio Art with a focus on Printmaking and Painting from the University of Guelph. Matt has exhibited in group shows held at Analog Forever Magazine in California, Surface Gallery in the UK, Zavitz Gallery twice, the Boarding House Gallery three times and most recently with a solo show at Necessary Arts in Guelph Ontario.

With contradiction and harmony, Matt’s recent work sets out to expose the delicate balance between daily life and how our memory stores those events.

Available Work

Untitled - 2021

Acrylic on Canvas

22” x 28”


Untitled -2023

Mixed Media (Made 100% with found or recycled objects)

36 x 36”


Untitled - 2023

Mixed Media Acrylic

10" x 20”


Untitled - 2023

Acrylic on Canvas

48" x 60”


Untitled - 2023

Mixed Media on Canvas

48" x 60”


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