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Stockpile. | Justin LaGuff

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Showing October 24th to November 7th 2022 at 84 Wyndham Street N, Guelph ON N1H 4E8

"Presently, my practice revolves around prints that are created by layering and editing effects in Photoshop that are shaped by sketchbook drawings with found photographs. This sort of work emerged out of an Undergraduate project in which we were assigned to create laser engraved woodcuts with halftone pictures. Since drawing has long been central to my practice, I have become increasingly invested in layering, copying and erasure as strategies to think about how photographs can be used as a source for mark-making. The photos that I used are sourced from family photos in physical albums, smart devices, USBs and external hard drives. My selection process entails identifying subjects whose body, and occupied space, reflect the index of layered effects that are implemented. The drawings included in the show at Necessary Arts are intend to investigate scale and an obsessional impulse to build layers of effect without photographs."

About the Artist

Justin LaGuff is a Print-based Artist living in Guelph, ON. They have an OCAD in Graphic Design from Loyalist College and BA (Honours) in Studio Art with a minor in Art History from the University of Guelph. Their practice makes extensive use of old photographs, drawings, and editing software to create complex collages, zines, comics, and prints. LaGuff has exhibited their work in solo and group exhibitions in venues at Zavitz Gallery(Guelph), Boarding House Gallery, The Beguiling, the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Button Factory Arts, and Temporary Collection.


Title: Bestial

Size: 20x30in

Year: 2022

Price: $1,500

*Big Drawing

Title: Memorious

Size: 6x9 in

Year: 2022 P

rice: $ 400

*Top Square

Title: Back then ( Sorry, Charles)

Size: 9x12in

Year: 2022

Price: NFS

*Middle Square

Title: Workshop

Size: 15x20in

Year: 2022

Price: $ 1,000

*Print on far left

Title: The Approach

Size: 16x20 in

Year: 2022

Price: $ 1,000

* Portrait drawing

Title: Basement Workshop (zine)

Size: 12 x 17 in

Year: 2022

Price: NFS

*Bottom Square

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