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Local artists have created 100 pieces of 6.5" diameter art.  

$75 per framed piece.

$60 of the sale price per piece goes to the artist.

The remaining $15 of the sale per piece will go towards our Studio Grant for local artists, to be awarded separately. The goal of this show is to put money in the pocket of the artist.

Once submitted, Necessary Arts will frame the piece in a 10" square shadow box frame. Unsold artwork will be returned with the frame.


Artwork will be exhibited throughout June and will be for sale online through Necessary Arts. Payment to the artist if artwork is sold will be issued in July 2017. It is the responsibility of the artist whose work is not sold to pick up their artwork at the designated times.


Register by email. Registration complete once payment of $20 is recieved. Please scroll down below to pay online via e-transfer to

or through PayPal.







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