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A THIN BALANCE | Marjan Kaviani

Showing September 12 to 26 2022!

Kaviani’s current practice revolves around personal and collective experiences of disillusionment and generational trauma, particularly through the lens of cognitive and behavioural psychology, while using the body as a vessel to express these ideas. The narratives and existential shivers of her work highlight the battle for balance and emotional harmony. These works are embodied with contradictions with particular attention to colour, distortion, light and dark.

About the Artist

Marjan Kaviani is an Iranian-Canadian artist based in the Toronto and Guelph area. She graduated from the Claude Watson Arts Program and now attends the University of Guelph and is completing her double major in Studio Art and Psychology.

In 2021, she won awards such as the Art in the Bullring Honorarium for her piece, Time is Ticking, and 1st place in the Junior Juried Art Show for her piece, In Solemn Silence, at the University of Guelph. She recently had solo shows at Homer Watson House and Gallery in Kitchener, as well as the Boarding House Arts Gallery in Guelph.


1. 20”x20”, oil on linen, 2022, $450

2. 20”x20”, oil on linen, 2022, $450

3. 20”x20”, oil on linen, 2022, $450

4. 20”x24”, oil on linen, 2022, $600

5. 20”x24”, oil on linen, 2022, $600

6. 24”x48”, oil on canvas, 2022, $1200

7. 30”x40”, oil on linen, 2022, $1200

8. 22”x30”, oil on linen, 2022, $800

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