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Buried Hope | Colleen Pearse

Updated: Apr 15, 2022


"My art is heavily influenced and inspired by nature and natural elements. I frequently incorporate trees into my work because for me, trees represent hope, strength and resilience. My art often focusses on the environment around the trees rather than the trees themselves. As with people, it’s their surrounding environments that shape growth, but it’s “what lies beneath” that truly determines an individual’s direction. It is within this duality that my interest lies. Although external forces shape our growth to a certain degree, it’s what lies within us that will ultimately determine our path. As demonstrated in my work the surroundings and the space that the subject matter grows from tend to become more important that the subject itself. By building up textured layers around the subject matter and playing with colours and values the spaces around the subject matter take on more weight and vie for the viewer’s attention.

As a domestic violence survivor the ability to express heavy feelings through art has been fundamental to my healing journey as recovery from this kind of trauma is often very solitary. For me art is a safe space, acting as a kind of meditation where I can let go and just be."

About the Artist

Colleen was born in Guelph in 1966 and has lived in Fergus since 1991. Colleen’s 500 square foot apartment also serves as her studio, proving that art can live anywhere.

Colleen feels she would likely be considered a “late bloomer” as an emerging artist because her work life and raising a family came first for many years. Upon escaping an abusive marriage about 7 years ago she has allowed herself more time for experimenting with different artistic mediums and styles. Colleen is now semi-retired so is able to dedicate more time to artistic exploration.

Although not formally educated in art Colleen is a creative at heart who has always had an affinity for the outdoors and nature. Colleen was raised in a creative environment as her family, both immediate and extended are fabric artists, musicians, print makers, photographers and a beloved Uncle was an art teacher.

As a photographer, competitive floral designer and watercolour artist for many years Colleen recently decided to take the leap into acrylics. The ability to build layers with acrylic mediums has been a game changer and she is excited to see where this process takes her. Colleen believes her art will continue to be an evolution as the more she learns the more she wants to try.

Available Work:

"Family", 2021

16"x 20" Acrylic on Back Stapled 5/8" Canvas


"Afterglow", 2021

10"x 24" Mixed Media on Cradled Wood Panel


SOLD "Tipping Point", 2022

12"x 12" Acrylic on 1.5" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

"Twilight", 2021

6"x 16" Acrylic on 1.5" Stapled Backed Canvas


"Solitude", 2021

6"x 16" Mixed Media on 1.5" Stapled Back Canvas


"Isolation", 2021

13.5"x 13.5" Acrylic on 5/8" Stapled Back Canvas (Framed)


SOLD "Growth", 2022

12"x 36" Acrylic and Ink on 1.5" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

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