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in case you didn't know | Rylee Rumble

Showing February 19 to March 4, 2024

"in case you didn’t know, focuses on three paintings that were created and a part of my thesis exhibition Achy Awfulness. Each canvas is a different size, but still hold the same square structure I have worked with throughout my practice, they are 30in x 30in, 36in x 36in and 20in x 20in. All of my paintings in my thesis exhibition are a direct relation to myself and my mental health. Each painting standing for its own emotion, feeling, thought or object; and these three are physical objects represented through colour and suggestive titles.


My titles are quite poetic and very important to me and to encountering my paintings. The words I choose to display alongside my paintings are universal, but the experiences they describe are quite personal. My titles are primary directives for my paintings; they can be blunt and oddly specific at times, but I see them as a way for the viewer to understand where I, the artist, am coming from when creating these monochromes, or providing a reality that will differ from their own."

About the Artist

Based in Brantford, Ontario, Rylee Rumble completed her BA at the University of Guelph in 2021, double majoring in Studio Art and Art History. As well as recently completed her MFA at Western University, in London Ontario, in 2023. Her current practice focuses on archiving personal experiences with the use of colour through painting; however, she has also done so using a more representational approach in printmaking.


Rumble’s art practice has become another means of therapy, as she chooses to open herself up again to uncomfortable and emotionally charged moments to take back control and create an archive for that experience to live in. Her most recent body of work is the closest extension of herself that she has made. To her, they are a visceral representation of who Rumble is, what she is struggling with and how she chooses to cope.

Available Work

when i cry my face goes splotchy and it looks like this

Acrylic on canvas

30” x 30”


Price: $465

im exhausted, emotionally numb, my eyes are heavy, my cheeks sting, and my sleeves are stained

Acrylic on canvas

20” x 20”


Price: $375

this is the colour of the sweater i wear when im sad

Acrylic on canvas

36” x 36”


Price: $865

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