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Ode to a bedroom | Emma Lippert

Showing April 29 - May 13, 2024

"Ode to a bedroom is an exploration of introversion and a reflection on my childhood  bedroom as a place that has given me comfort and constancy during periods of dramatic  change in my life. From the wrinkles in “Right Pillow” to the pensive look of “Bunny”, Ode to  a bedroom serves as a self-portrait in some ways, using each object to highlight some part of my life experience. Light plays different roles in each print but remains a central and important aspect of how I experience the world as an artist, making it an important detail in  this collection. I invite all viewers to explore these prints and reflect on places in your life that have served as a safe space during periods of change and how those spaces have evolved with (or without) you.

When developing this collection of prints, the carving process allowed me the time to reflect  on the importance of each image as I carved them and reminded me of the privilege of  having access to an interior space that provides safety and solitude. The natural imperfections of the carving and printing process appealed to me as a way of including evidence of myself in the work, centering this as a very personal collection. The minimal  colour palette adds to a sense of isolation in each image while also allowing the objects and  scenes speak for themselves through heavy contrast and bold forms. Hanging the prints  together allows each piece to speak on its own as a discrete print while simultaneously  communicating with the other works to create a larger patchwork scene along the Necessary Arts Gallery wall."

About the Artist

Interdisciplinary artist Emma Lippert (she/her) uses printmaking and photography to collect  pieces of her everyday life that bring comfort and reflection. After completing her B.Sc.  degree in 2023 at the University of Guelph with a minor in studio art, she continues to be  inspired by the endless possibilities that contemporary printmaking and photography  provide. Her work focuses on aspects of self-portraiture, nostalgia, memory, and creating  spaces that feel both abstract and familiar. Working between Dorchester and Guelph, ON,  Emma creates snapshots of the things she finds in her daily life that feel most important,  bringing a sense of comfort to objects and spaces that might otherwise feel unimportant or  isolated. Her work invites viewers to reflect on their own everyday surroundings and how  these familiar spaces and items hold memories and history.

Follow @smoothiedots_art on Instagram for more of Emma’s work.

Available Work

1. Bunny (24 x 31”, Linocut print on Kozuke paper, 2024, $150)

2. Left Pillow (24 x 30”, Linocut print on Kozuke paper, 2024, $90)

3. Right Pillow (24 x 30”, Linocut print on Kozuke paper, 2024, $90)

4. Lamp (24 x 30”, Linocut print on Kozuke paper, 2024, $100)

5. Sometime in the afternoon (18 x 25”, Linocut print on Kozuke paper, 2024, $80)

6. Disco (15 x 21.5”, Linocut print on Kozuke paper, 2024, $70)

7. The Pile (25 x 37”, Linocut print on Kozuke paper, 2024, $160)

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