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Reynolds Exhibition | Liam Reynolds

"I make art so people feel things. As human beings, it’s very easy to get caught up in our own thoughts, emotions, and subjective opinions. These things are what often divide us. As an artist, I try to make simple scenes that will resonate with anyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from. To connect us all together, through a shared experience. I make art for the subconscious. For the spirit that lingers inside us all. I make art as a celebration of life, and a display of humanity. With regards to the pieces you are seeing here, I focused on fundamental colours and emotions. The cabin represents safety, the flower is growth, the dancers symbolize ecstasy and expression, and the abstract piece represents the chaos (and unity) that stems from the mind. What it means for me to be an artist, is that I get to bring what is unseen into what is seen. I get to awaken a part of people’s minds that are hidden away. To me that is priceless. All in all, I make art because I love it. I make art because I love."

About the Artist

Liam Reynolds was born in Saint-John, New Brunswick late 2000, and ever since he could hold onto a crayon, he has been decorating this world with an endless stream of creativity,

emotion, and love.

Discovering early on in life his fire for creating art, Liam has been led down the beautiful path of artistry and self-expression. He is now a passionate and dedicated self-taught artist. His influences range from Rothko to Haring, to Billout, Dali, Magritte, and Van Gogh. A special love is held by Liam for the Pop Art movement and the Fauvism movement.

Mainly manifesting himself through acrylics and ink drawings, Liam has recently started to dance with mixed media arts (which he will display in his upcoming exhibitions). Currently, Liam has his work in the homes of countless private collectors around Guelph, and just finished his first exhibition at one of Guelph’s fine downtown establishments (Sept/Oct 2021).

During this next stage of his career, Liam will be focusing on curating more public exhibitions and art installations, as well as private events and artistic celebrations.

Available Work:

  1. Untitled, 50"x 70", Acrylic on Canvas, 2021 $1200

  2. The Cabin, 30"x 40", Acrylic & India ink on Canvas, 2021 $500

  3. The Flower, 30"x 40", Acrylic & India ink on Canvas, 2021 $500

  4. The Dancers #1 (large), 38"x 46", Acrylic, Wax & Pastel on Canvas $600

  5. The Dancers #2 (small), 22"x 22", Acrylic, Wax & Pastel on Canvas $200

  6. The Dancers #3 (small), 22"x 22", Acrylic, Wax & Pastel on Canvas $200

(The Cabinet & The Flower can be sold as a set for $800)


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