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WHEN IT RAINS by Chanel DesRoches

Showing July 19 to August 8 2021 at N/A Gallery.

"When it rains, it pours.

When something goes wrong, everything else falls apart.

There is something to say about those words, and how it could also work in a reversed way. Developing this work across multiple life-changing events, over a long period of time has given me the opportunity to re-think the emotional decisions I make when painting. The work targets resilience, zoning in on a part of the painting that gets caught up in the chaos, but ends up finding a way out.

Charged with lively gestures, the painting embodies what uncertainty looks like when you are living your best moments, while also suffering your worst. Somewhere between those extremes, there is a point of balance, which is juggled between these paintings.

My painting style is my mode of communication; a way to express the things that are difficult to speak about. As someone who internalizes most things, it is restorative for me to share a visual representation of my mind through this work."


Chanel works in the moment. Surrendering feelings onto a surface is her way of suggesting that there is a personal narrative behind all of the vibrant, lively lines and colour. She represents time through change; the evolution of varying colour waves, sporadic mark marking, and the constant struggle of trying to reveal the contrasting moments amongst the haziness. The first impression of passion and energy then carefully wanders to afterthoughts of suppression and distraction. Chanel approaches the story behind her work from a mental health perspective. The paintings are internal battles. Chanel transfers her minds thinking process and train of thought onto something that we can see and talk about.


"Find Your Way Out"

54"x 74"


Acrylic, Pastel, Pencil on Raw Canvas


54"x 74"


Acrylic, Pastel, Pencil on Raw Canvas

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