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X-Practice Project: Revealing the Unseen

X-Practice Project is a collaborative, multidisciplinary arts incubator in Guelph.

This spring and summer, youth artists aged 15 to 21 came together to build and

launch a multimedia installation, supported by experienced facilitators and

mentors. The artist-participants worked collaboratively across multiple artistic

mediums to create a capstone project and share it with the public.

REVEALING THE UNSEEN is X-Practice Project’s culminating exhibition, created

by 12 emerging Ontario artists. Their work explores the theme of time travel

through the lenses of memory, mythology, placemaking, anthropology,

storytelling, and Guelph’s geography.

July 10-18, 2021 @ Necessary Arts Collective

Featured in Guelph Today

"On Saturday, July 10, people in Guelph and beyond will have an opportunity to accompany the X-Practice Project team on an artistic journey that transcends space and time.

X-Practice Project is a Guelph-based, collaborative, multidisciplinary youth arts incubator, funded by the Ontario Arts Council. This Saturday, the group will unveil its culminating project: Revealing The Unseen, an interdisciplinary and multimedia exhibition honouring the past, present and future of our community and our world.

The exhibition includes a collaborative installation in the window gallery at Necessary Arts (84 Wyndham Street North in downtown Guelph) and will also allow visitors to participate, giving them the option to contribute to a virtual time capsule and send letters to their future selves.

Plus, the exhibition also reaches out into the community through a surprise pop-up element — keep an eye on the X-Practice Project’s Instagram account (@xpracticeproject) for updates.

“The exhibition is something of a time machine,” says Todd Harrison, one of the X-Practice Project facilitators. “The installations our artists have created intend to take the audience back in time, acknowledge the gravity of the present and then transport them into an imagined, hopeful future. Expect the unexpected!”

Over the past two months, experienced facilitators have worked with a diverse group of emerging artists to curate and produce a unique multimedia experience. In accordance with COVID-19 guidelines, team members met virtually and brainstormed ideas, guided and mentored by visiting professional artists.

“The X-Practice Project exhibition is also a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, continuing in the grand tradition of art to bring people together during crisis,” says participating artist, Ujwal Mantha.

Follow X-Practice Project on Instagram (@xpracticeproject) to learn more about the artists and get updates on this weekend’s installation."


The process:

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