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Hoop-La 2020

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Necessary Arts Collective presents: Hoop-La 2020!

An annual art event that engages surrounding artists to create work on a round panel and participate in a show and sale for the duration of (1) month! 2020 was the year of unpredictable times, so we wanted to offer a more laid back approach and to not put a theme on this years submissions. Every artist had a chance to do what they do best on the panel. The show spoke volumes when we sold out of almost 50% of the show in the first day!

It was a great opportunity for artists, art collectors and art lovers of every kind to purchase their favourite artists' work at a one-time-only affordable price. What?? Original art for an affordable price? Yup.

This years event was live from Nov 15 to Dec 15 2020.

We sold 78% of this years submissions and that was the best outcome we could've ever asked for...considering the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Artists came together for an event and that is a strong indicator that we as a studio need to keep doing things in the arts community to keep the circle of art thriving!


2020 Hoop-La Participants:

  • Abby Nowakowski

  • Ahmri Vandeborne

  • Aimee Ruoff

  • Aisling Doolan

  • Alexa Collette

  • Amanda Worr

  • Amber Ozols

  • Anne Carter

  • April Manarang

  • Barb Cohen

  • Carolina Benitez

  • Chanel DesRoches

  • Chris Ahlers

  • Christine Brown

  • Christine DeVuono

  • Colleen Alcorn

  • Colleen Pearse

  • Cynthia Waldow

  • Dana McCool

  • Elise Puddy

  • Emily McDougall

  • Emily Reimer

  • Eric Allen Mongomery

  • Irene Castellano

  • Isabella Di stefano

  • Jazzie Ridley

  • Kenzie Morrison

  • Korey Steckle

  • Laura Harrison

  • Laura Vautour

  • Lauren Wright Vartanian

  • Linda Clay

  • Lisa Carter

  • Lisa Fillion

  • Lucie Novotny

  • Maeve Hind

  • Mary Calarco

  • Monique Chaim

  • Nancy Myslik

  • Nick Clark

  • Nicola Walsh

  • Paige Bromby

  • Ruth Morton

  • Shanti Hietkamp

  • Shay Donovan

  • Steph Clarke

  • Usman Mohammad

  • Valerie Stevenson

  • Vince Wall

  • Wendy Whiteside

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