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Nightlife | Zoe Dougherty

"Nightlife is a series of drawings capturing the noise, mess, and movement of music venues, clubs, and house parties. Using Sharpies to create aggressive mark making is inspired by the paintings of Tracy Emins and the illustrations of Raymond Pettibon and Jaime Hernandez, this is an ode to the impulsive lifestyle of barflies, party-goers, and punks. The spontaneity of a night out captured by the impulsive scratches and swipes of Sharpies, aiming to cement a moment of chaos in the present. There is nothing more exciting than an impromptu night out, these drawings are made with that unplanned intention and abstraction."

About the Artist

Zoe Dougherty is a Métis artist, born in St. Catharines, ON, who specializes in drawing and painting. She uses her mediums to nurture immediacy and aggression, focusing on themes of subculture, luxuries, and the acceptance of mistakes. Dougherty brings risk and uniqueness to each piece with spontaneous mark making and abstracted atmosphere, no piece is like the other or will ever be recreated. Previous exhibitions that Zoe Dougherty has been involved in include, Two Goblins in a Trenchcoat at The Plumb, Toronto, curated by Daniel Hunt and Blair Swann, and Eve at Silence, Guelph, curated by Zoe Dougherty.

Featured Work

Bin Heel, 22 x 30 inches, 2024, Sharpie on Stonehenge paper

Tinnitus, 14 x 17 inches, 2024, Sharpie on Bristol paper

Firm and Personal Grip, 30 x 44 inches, 2024, Sharpie on Stonehenge paper.

No Shot, 22 x 30 inches, 2024, Sharpie on Stonehenge paper.

Stain, 22 x 17, 2024, Sharpie on Mixed Media paper.

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