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Something Extra | Justin LaGuff

For the last two years, Justin LaGuff has dedicated his free time outside of illustration and  comic-related projects to develop a manner in which snapshots and found photographs (usually sourced from family photo albums, eternal hard drives, and USBs) can be used as a material to explore mark making within Photoshop. The results of these experiments are densely layered images that showcase a  diverse blend of effects and forms. Something Extra offers a glimpse into a handful of these photo drawings, as well as, how this manner can be implemented back into traditional mediums. Across this  collection, Images are being picked apart, splintered, dragged and swayed through channels of copying. Their quality is bad and despite the difficulty in recognizing their parts, something different takes hold  in the entirety of the work. 

About the Artist

Justin LaGuff is a print-based artist living in Guelph, ON. They have an OCAD in Graphic  Design from Loyalist College and holds an Honours degree in Studio Art, and a minor in Art History,  from the University of Guelph. Their practice makes extensive use of snapshots, found photographs,  drawings, and editing software to create complex collages to be used in their zines, comics, and prints.  LaGuff has exhibited their work in solo and group exhibitions at Zavitz Gallery(Guelph), Boarding  House Gallery, The Beguiling Books & Arts, the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Button Factory Arts, and  Necessary Arts Collective.

Showing from December 18 - Jan 7, 2023

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Featured Work:


14.875 x 13.1875 inches 

Ink on Paper 


22 x 34 Inches 

Inkjet Mounted on Wood 

Soft Forest 

11 x 13 Inches 

Drypoint Intaglio 

Stack and Sway 

11 x 14 inches 

Drypoint Intaglio 


7.5 x 10 Inches 

Laser Engraved Woodcut 


Drypoint Intaglio 

Untitled 1  

11 x 8.5 inches 


Untitled 2  

11 x 8.5 inches 


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