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I've loved you since I was two | Rylee Rumble

"This body of work is the first within my monochrome series that explores the movement and sensation of painting overtop of cheesecloth on a slightly tacky canvas. I let the brush guide the delicate material into place, trying not to disturb it too much. The colours depicted in the work are that of my childhood blanket. An object I have had for as long as I can remember, and a comfort item that holds so much meaning. Creating this body of work was important to me as it allowed for me to create another version of the blanket that is archived in a different way, and how I remember it to be. The colours are mixed from memory, and the placement of cheesecloth is intentional as the physical object is tattered and torn. Although not much manipulation to the cheesecloth was needed as the weaving of the cotton thread is loose.

I’ve loved you since I was two, was created among another body of work that is also a physical archive for an object I use in my daily life. I find these paintings to be an extension of me, as the personal connection to them is quite strong; and I often refer to them as a daily self-portrait. The current work on display depicts twenty, 12” x 12” canvases, that I re-stretched with raw canvas. There are five colours total, and each colour has four canvases. This work debuted in last fall, in my second year MFA show, Thresholds and Inventories, and will be a part of my thesis exhibition this fall."

About the Artist

Rylee Rumble is a second year MFA Candidate at the University of Western Ontario, and holds a BA in Honours Studio Art and Art History from the University of Guelph (2021). Working strictly within monochrome painting, she is working to create physical archives for the moments, objects, feelings and emotions that trigger or disrupt her daily life, due to depression and ADHD. Having such things be able to live on in the square of the canvas allows for the artist to become detached and able to move forward. Rumble is interested in the ambiguity of a single colour upon a flat surface, as the paint is constantly moved side to side and up and down, through a methodical process that is very much driven by her ADHD. She tracks the number of layers that goes into each painting, as each number represents how long it takes for the painting to feel complete.

I've loved you since I was two

12” x 12”, 2022

Acrylic and Cheesecloth on Canvas

*Priced Individually at $120

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