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May I have your attention? | Aimee Ruoff

"I look for the small sublime moments within everyday life, focusing on what seems fleeting and ethereal as a reminder of the temporality of life. This process of taking time to seek and translate what I see into painting has become both an act of devotion and a quiet subversion of the pressing speed that defines our cultural moment. “May I have your attention?” is a selection of three large scale drawings of my home in oil pastel on toned Stonehenge paper, completed in Fall 2022. As I consider my surroundings everything around me becomes worthy of contemplation, from the sunlight warming the walls to the pill bottles in the bathroom cupboard. As I rendered these interior scenes in bright hues and expressive marks, the drawing process became a celebration of the many seemingly inconsequential details that make a home."

About the Artist

Aimee Ruoff (b. 1997) is a Canadian artist who paints the beauty of the fleeting moments in life. She received her Bachelors of Arts from the School of Fine Art & Music at the University of Guelph. She is currently based in Vancouver, BC, studying Art Therapy at Adler University and making paintings, drawings and hand-painted animations from her home studio. Her work has been shown in Canada, Germany, Belgium and Italy, and she recently completed a Skopart Residency in Skopelos Greece.


The carpet I bathed at the car wash

Oil Pastel on Stonehenge

43” x 59”


The Greenroom (and a Stephanie Cheng print in the hall)

Oil Pastel on Stonehenge 43” x 59” 2022

My bed remains unframed

Oil Pastel on Stonehenge

43” x 59”


The show can be viewed in person and online!

DECEMBER 19 2022 TO JANUARY 1 2023

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