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Thank you! Have a nice day! | Jordie Neumann

“Thank you! Have a nice day! (2023)” is a series of oil paintings that reframe everyday objects and the messages that they impart upon us.

There are objects and pieces that float throughout every person's life that they never truly see. It becomes easy to forget that these objects take up space, exist in the world with us and will most likely outlive us. In this series I explore the messages that these items give to us by recentering the human intention behind them. In my journey as a graphic designer I found myself in a unique position of noticing. Essentially, it became my job to notice. Typography began to jump out at me from the strangest places. And the most unassuming objects began revealing some sort of intriguing truth.

With this series I ask others to practice the art of noticing. Every object is trying to tell you something, you just have to look up and notice.

Thank you and have a nice day! "

About the Artist

Jordie Neumann is an interdisciplinary artist based in Guelph, Ontario. With a degree in Graphic Design from Conestoga College, Jordie melds her two passions of painting and design to utilize the objects in our modern world as conduits for story telling. With acrylic, oil and photoshop Jordie reframes everyday objects and asks the viewer to reconsider their value. By doing this Jordie hopes to reveal the undercurrent of art and design that makes up the world around us


“Thank You! Have a Nice Day! 001”

Oil on Board, 17” x 22”, 2023


“Thank You! Have a Nice Day! 002”

Oil on Board, 14” x 22”, 2023


“A Funny Price”

Oil on Board, 15” x 30”, 2023



Oil on Board, 45” x 17”, 2023



Oil on Board, 20” x 22”, 2022


Showing from June 26 to July 10, 2023

100% of sales go back to the artist!

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